Self-driving cars see the danger behind corners thanks to lasers

Self-driving cars see the danger behind corners thanks to lasers

Self-driving cars see the danger behind corners thanks to lasers

Researchers are developing laser technology along with an algorithm that can create images of objects hidden behind corners, making self-driving cars see “risks before they occur”.

The system could also be used to see through leaves from the sky, or give rescue teams the ability to find people trapped behind walls and rubble.

“There is an old idea that objects cannot be photographed unless they are directly visible to the camera, but we have come up with a way to circumvent these barriers,” said Dr. Matthew O’Toole, co-author of the research conducted by Stanford scientists on the university’s website.

The new system is based on technologies such as “LiDAR”, a tool used in archaeological mapping, by sending laser pulses towards the surface and measuring the time it takes for light to reflect, which helps scientists build a three-dimensional model of the expected structure, but the new technology can do more. Shoot around the corners.

The “LiDAR” technology relies on ultraviolet, visible and near infrared rays, through which images of all objects can be captured, including non-metallic objects, rocks, chemical compounds, clouds, rain and atmospheric dust, and this allows building the three-dimensional model of the hiding object.

The research team explains that in order to develop this system, the laser is placed next to a “photon” or “light” detector, which is very sensitive, and can record even one particle of light, while the laser beam enables it to draw the physical features of the body, with very high accuracy.

Before the new system is ready for use on the road, there will be more work by the researchers to ensure it works better, especially in broad daylight and with moving objects, such as a ball rolling or a child playing. Monitor these objects in moments once the scan is complete.

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