Corsair launches XENEON 27QHD240 gaming monitor with 1000 nit brightness

Corsair revealed the XENEON 27QHD240 gaming monitor, which includes MLA OLED panels and supports a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1000 nits brightness.

Corsair’s new XENEON 27QHD240 monitor features LG’s upgraded MLA OLED panels, first introduced in the 27QHD240.

The screen also features a display resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, a refresh rate of 240 Hz, with a fast response at 0.03 ms, and the gaming screen also supports AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to reduce frame tearing.
And the XENEON 27QHD240 comes with DisplayPort, HDMI 2.1, and USB C ports, and it also comes with a USB hub that has 4 USB A ports, and an additional USB C port.

The screen also features a smoothly adjustable design, while the holder supports rotating the screen in a vertical direction, and the MLA OLED panels provided by LG feature wider angles in the field of view, with higher levels of brightness, and a lower burn rate, with energy consumption 5 times less than traditional OLED screens.

The XENEON 27QHD240 gaming screen reaches 1000 nit brightness, and the screen is scheduled to be available in May in the European market.

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