Apple releases macOS Ventura 13.3 update

Today, Apple announced the launch of Update 13.3 for its latest operating system, macOS Ventura, which is the third major update to the operating system since its launch in October last year, and brings with it a number of new features and fixes for a group of bugs.

For fans of emoji, the update brings twenty-one new emoticons, including animals, hand gestures, and a host of new items, to the Emoji Keyboard app available on iOS.

And Apple updated the Photos viewing app to automatically identify duplicate photos and videos shared to the iCloud cloud storage service.

The company also added to the keyboard support for a number of new languages, such as Urdu, Punjabi, and a group of Native American languages.

The update added a new feature to the Accessibility settings aimed at helping those who are sensitive to flashing lights, as the new option can be set to automatically reduce screen brightness when flashing lights appear while watching a video.

And the update supported the use of the VoiceOver feature for the Maps and Weather applications. It is a feature that provides an audio description of the elements on the screen to help those with vision problems use the operating system.
Finally, the update resolves a number of bugs, such as an issue that caused the touchpad of MacBook laptops to become unresponsive at times, an issue that caused a notification not to appear on parents’ devices when a child submitted a request to purchase an app from their device, and an issue that was Causes VoiceOver to become unresponsive in certain situations.

Users can update their devices by going to the main menu in the macOS system, clicking on “System Settings”, then heading to “Software Update”.

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