Makkah Transport waving penalties for taxis in violation of Ramadan

Makkah Transport waving penalties for taxis in violation of Ramadan

Makkah Transport waving penalties for taxis in violation of Ramadan

While taxi drivers take advantage of the seasons of Ramadan and Hajj to raise the value of delivery without being disciplined by a specific itinerary, and imposing these prices on the beneficiary, due to their need to travel by taxi, the Ministry of Transport stressed the reduction of piracy of public taxi drivers by applying deterrent penalties against them through field inspection teams. working in those seasons.

The official spokesman for the General Administration of Transport in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, Omar Bamsafar, explained that the field inspection teams operating during the seasons work throughout the day, and their role is to control violators of land transport activities and reduce malpractices, in cooperation with the relevant security authorities, indicating that there is no A specific fee paid by the taxi driver, which is determined according to the meter reading and approved according to the regulations governing the practice of the activity.

Bamsafar indicated that in the event of a violation, it informs this administration if the violation is in the regulation organizing the practice of the activity, and the penalty will be applied according to the guide to violations of land transport activities, and it informs the security authorities in the event that the violation belongs to them, as there is cooperation between the General Administration of Roads and Transport regions and security authorities.

Regarding the screens inside taxis that were recently introduced, Bamsafar explained that they were set to display safety programs, targeted cultural programs, and some products, and to introduce the facility to which that vehicle belongs, indicating that it is an idea presented by one of the national institutions specialized in screen activity to the Ministry, and obtained its approval, and it is not affiliated with The Ministry of Transport and public taxi companies and institutions.

The official spokesman for the General Administration of Transport in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region said: The number of regular taxi offices in Makkah is 210, and the violations committed by taxis in the holy capital 97 from the beginning of the current Hijri year until now, and these violations are limited to four basic problems.

As for Yasser Abu Bakr, one of the owners of the taxi offices, he said: The Saudi employees do not adhere to the official working hours, and they object to the specified revenue on the pretext that they are unable to provide it.

Taxi violations

Not issuing vehicle operating cards.

Using a vehicle over its life span.

Failure to operate the fare counter.

Non-compliance with the official dress.

Taxi office violations

Practicing the activity with an expired license.

Exercising from unauthorized websites.

Non-Saudization of administrative and accounting jobs.

fare licensing requirements

Copy of the commercial register and certificate of affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce (membership).

A copy of the zakat and income certificate is required if one year or more has passed since the commercial registration.

A copy of the social insurance certificate.

Certificate of participation in the TAMM system.

Securing the minimum number of activity vehicles in the city in which the activity is required to be carried out. The minimum number for practicing the activity in Makkah is five cars owned by the establishment.

Comprehensive car insurance.

The approval of the competent authorities on the location of the exercise of the activity (municipal traffic).

Payment of license issuance fees (ten thousand riyals).

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